"You Can't Have It All" by Jaye Wagner

But you can have bouncy brown curls like springs of a mattress.

You can have the bigger slice of yellow birthday cake, and a sour little cousin who sports a look that says, Sleep with your eyes open tonight.

You can have those lemonade days where you swing in the backyard, with the wind blowing your hair.

You can have that pair of shoes that never betray you.

You can have a banana split sundae with three flavors of ice cream stacked up like Legos, with hot fudge, and rainbow sprinkles.

You can have the time of now, with the surprise of a smile and silent tears in the moment.

You can have the loyal creek, that flows through the fallen gold, auburn, and emerald autumn leaves. A painting by Leslie Cope.

You can’t have flawless skin, but you can have the scars of dear memories. They are nature’s tattoos.

You can have the chilled saturation of Coca-Cola to match the sweat on your brow, from a hard day’s work.

You can have the drive of the heart, and the crash of forgiveness, like a grown child’s bicycle.

You can have the soft hum of the woods as you sleep, Nature’s lullaby.

You can learn the meaning of the word “love”, but it may be just that. A word.

You can take a sad song and make it better.

You can have the gift--curse--of voice, and begin to rebuild the bond between you two, You know who.

You can be whoever you wish,

You can have the ink to write your own story, watch it come to life, and watch it dance in the rain before your eyes. Throw up your hands and just feel the drops on your face, no one else can feel it for you. Smile.

You can have a daisy, he loves me, he loves me not.

You can have that kind of hope, that makes you dream. And makes your dreams come true.

You can taste the unmatchable, mouthwatering, chocolate sensation, and enjoy.

You can have the air we breathe, the clouds Angels dance upon, the sky that birds fly, For your taking.

You can have those sun-kissed days made better with rain, the flowers drink.

You can’t see the world through a mirror, but you can have the best friend to live it with.

You can have your secrets vaulted, and talk with the whisper of the breeze, and roar of the ocean.

You can have the sunrise, be held in its gaze and politely stare.

If you can’t catch a wave, you can’t ride it. You can’t come uninvited. But you don’t need them, you can be free.

You can have the butterflies from the daze he creates.

Since the light keeps getting darker, you can just hold my hand.

You can be grateful for the seagulls that fly the shore, sculpting a picture perfect moment.

For the low limbs of an apple tree, handing you a crunch of Heaven.

You can have the dream, the dream of Panama, the bird’s song as you explore their world of stunning colors. Natural gold, stunning soft purple, horizon orange, butterfly blue, clay brown.

You can’t have the beauty of the red rose, without the prick of the thorn. But, you can have the dandelion, whose seeds grant your every wish, for everything you can’t have.

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